Setopic is under active development. It is not ready for production usage yet. But, you can check out its Preview version.
Start Listening To Your Customers
Gathering feedback, collecting ideas, announcing product releases, and engaging your customers can be happened in one place.
Hello Makers,
Do you have some of these problems?
Hard to get customer feedback
Confused on what features your customers really want
No bug report from customers
Low customer engagement
High churn rate
Confused on where to announce new product version
Then, you'll need Setopic

"Setopic is a community platform for makers to communicate with their customers. You can collect feedback, collect ideas, announce product releases, and engage your customers in Setopic."

What can you do with Setopic?
Gathering feedback
Feature request from customers
Bug report from customers
Collecting ideas
Customer asking for help
Announcing product releases
Ready to gather feedback from your customers?