Build Your Online Community
Setopic is a platform that lets you build your own online community. You can discuss, ask questions, tell jokes, and engage with your community inside Setopic. It brings organized, focused, long-term communication into your community.
Hello Community Makers,
Tired of Chat Apps (Slack/Skype/Telegram)?
Online discussions were messy?
Discuss same topic over and over again?
Then, you'll need Setopic for your online community
What could your community achieve by using Setopic?
Get things done, together.
More organized, more engaged.
Collect ideas easily, inclusively, transparently.
How to discuss on Setopic?
1. Write new thread.
2. Post it.
3. Start discussing inside the thread.
Setopic is under active development.
You can check out its Live Preview version.
Some features in Setopic Preview are intentionally disabled. But you can still play around with it. Hopefully, Setopic will be suitable for your team, when it's ready in the future.
Ready to bring focused and long-term discussion into your community?