Setopic is under active development. It is not ready for production usage yet. But, you can check out its Preview version.
Build something your customers really want
Collecting feedback, collecting ideas, announcing product releases, and engaging your customers can be happened in one place.
Hello Product Makers,
Tired of chat app (Slack/Telegram) for your community?
Your customers were not engaged with your products?
Your customers kept asking for same issues?
Then, you'll need Setopic for your online community
What is Setopic?

"Setopic is a platform to build online community of your products. You can collect feedback, collect ideas, announce product releases, and engage your customers from inside Setopic."

Improve customer engagement
Collect ideas.
Collect feedback.
Announce product releases.
How to discuss on Setopic?
1. Write new thread.
2. Post it.
3. Start discussing inside the thread.
Ready to build something your customers really want?